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About Miryoku Edit

Miryoku is a shiny Sylveon with a gentle nature and a tendency to daydream. As an Eevee, she hatched out of an egg in the middle of a magical forest. Her mother was a Ditto.

Competitive Info Edit

Ability: Cute Charm (Chance to infatuate a Pokemon if they make contact.)

Hidden Ability: Pixilate (Normal Type moves turn into Fairy Type moves)

Moveset: Heal Bell, Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Protect.

Relationships Edit

Mother: Gum (Ditto)

Father: Generator (Jolteon)

Siblings: None

Friends: Hex (Female Purrloin)

Stats Edit

HP: 95

ATCK: 65

DEF-: 65

SP. ATCK: 110

SP. DEF+: 130

SPD: 60